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Among all leisure activities, one of America’s favorite pastime is still sports, particularly, baseball. Some fans would even call it as the “perfect” sport. Who does not enjoy an exciting baseball season? And who does not love going to ballparks?

Speaking of ballparks, you may have noticed fences installed at the perimeters of the fields when you are watching your favorite teams. These fences are called back stops. The main purpose of this type of fence is keeping the players, spectators, and the public safe.

This type of fence is offered by many fence companies. At Amarillo Fence Company, we offer back stops made from different materials, ensuring that we have all bases covered.

When it comes to installing back stops, we recommend that you leave the job to professional fence companies. The security provided by back stops is not something that can be easily taken for granted. Hence, it is important to leave it to the experts.

There are two common materials used for back stops. These are the vinyl coated netting and the chain link type. Choosing between these two may seem pretty straightforward, but in reality, it is an important decision. To help you decide, we have provided you below with brief descriptions of each.

Netting or Vinyl Coated Fabric
This type of back stops material is generally thin. Therefore, it has the advantage of being visually pleasing especially to the audience. Since the material is thin, the audience can watch the game comfortably. Moreover, it can be made into very tall fences and the exact measurements are easy to configure.

Chain Link
Composed of interlinked wires, a chain link back stop is very durable. It can resist damage from repeated forceful hits from balls. Moreover, it is very cost friendly.

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