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Nothings says “classic” and “timeless” better than a good old wooden fence. Almost everyone who considers having fences installed would think of a wooden fence, first and foremost. When it comes to practicality and visual appeal, wooden fences, especially cedar wood fences, are reasonably superior. If you are thinking about getting cedar wood fences installed in Amarillo, you came to the right place.

There is a certain organic elegance only cedar wood fences can provide. Wood offers a unique look and a distinct feel that other alternatives may imitate but can never deliver. Our goal is to offer these to you. It is also great to know that there is more than one type and style when it comes to wood fences. Because of this, you have the liberty to design a fence that can perfectly suit your ideals.

We provide our customers with superior quality high grade cedar wood. What makes cedar suitable for fencing purposes is that it is tough and sturdy. Compared other types of wood, it is more resistant to moisture and weather changes for several years. However, this is possible only with proper and consistent maintenance. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, cedar wood is second to none.

We are glad to inform you that cedar wood fences come in many types. Here are some.

Wood privacy fence
If privacy is your top priority, this the first choice for you. Because the planks are nailed together closely, wood privacy fences allow you to completely hide the insides of your property.

Wood decorative fence
When beauty and exterior appeal is your main concern, we recommend a wood decorative fence for you. This offers the advantage of both form and function. You may request a design of your preference. This can also come in semi-private forms or as picket fence.

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