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There are many things that pop into our minds we hear something about “docks.” Plenty of us would have mental images of a coastline, a seaside city, shipping vessels, shipyards, or maybe container cargo. For many of us docks are simply that floating platform on a seaside, made from a series of planks of wood. However, did you know that docks are not only in the seaside towns or port cities? Nowadays there are many different types of docks which may be found in private estates or resorts. These properties are usually located near lakes, ponds, lagoons, and other bodies of water.

You may be wondering, “Why install a dock?” “What purpose does it serve?” For some people, this may be a unique venue for special intimate occasions such as birthdays or family reunions. Most of the time, docks function for leisure and relaxation. This is very important for our emotional wellbeing.

Depending on a property owner’s need, the type of dock to be installed may significantly differ. Different kinds of docks serve varying functions. Some common examples of docks are floating docks, crib docks, suspension docks, pipe docks, boat lifts, piling docks, and double decker boat docks. Each dock is made from different components. Fence contractors like us, the Amarillo Fence Company do not handle the purchase and installment of the docks themselves. Rather, we offer you dock parts which may be installed on your docks for improvement in terms of safety and as decoration. The most common dock parts our client request include handrailing and fences. By adding these parts, the docks are made even safer. This is important if you have toddlers and children who enjoy playing around. Other parts we can provide are bumpers, dock hardware, floating dock kit, dock floats, dock fenders, boat docks, and dock ladders.

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