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There are many different functions which cages and enclosures may serve. This is part of the reason why they can also be made from different kinds of materials. Many cages and enclosures are available in the market. These are all tailored to serve the specific purposes they were made for. Some examples of cages and enclosures are tools and equipment cages, batting cages, safety enclosure, and locker cages.

Using cages and enclosure for storage offers unique benefits. For one, the common set-up of cages and enclosures is that they are made of interlinked metals. This design makes the cage or enclosure open, but the openings are small enough to keep the items inside secure. The advantage of them being open to air is that moisture is not kept inside. This lessens the risk of any damage caused by moisture.

The main material used for cages and enclosures is usually some type of metal. Metals such as steel or aluminum are tough materials. Therefore, the materials and equipment stored inside is sufficiently protected from tampering or theft. More than that, metal is long-lasting as well. The specific metals to be used may depend on the set-up for your cage or enclosure. For example, you might want to use a metal that is highly rust proof if your enclosure will be placed in the open.

Listed below are some types of cages and enclosures you may choose from.

Batting cage
Some people also refer to batting cages as “batting tunnels.” This type of cages offers a safe space for baseball and softball players to practice their batting skills.

Tools and Equipment cages
This is a good choice if you have some tools, equipment, machinery, or instruments that need to be kept.

Locker cages
This is commonly used for storage of sports gear or audiovisual equipment.

Safety enclosures
A very popular use of this type is for trampolines.

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